Why Should You Buy Arabic Personalized Books for Your child?

Globalization is here to stay. First thing we think of when we talk about globalization is globalized values, morals, and ethics. Although we and society have a hard time admitting it, values, morals, and ethics aren’t universal. Some things might be acceptable in one society, but not in another. In one community, a behavior might be normalized and embraced, but in another, it’s rejected. This truth will never change as long as we have eternal and enduring principles inspired by Allah SWT. 

Kitabyana was started to fill a growing need in today’s world, the need to normalize our own values, our traditions, and the way we live our lives as Muslims all over the world. Each of our stories addresses themes that are relevant to every Muslim family. There are stories that discuss family values, stories that introduce your child to a new social tradition embraced by Muslims in a specific country, or stories that talk about events that are universal to all Muslims like Eid, Hajj, or Ramadan. No matter what the theme of our storybook is, you can be assured that the values we share and promote are both religiously acceptable and socially acceptable. 

In both our articles, “Seven Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Child a Personalized Book”, and “How Personalized Books Enhance Children’s Learning Outcomes”, we’ve argued and proven that kids who read personalized books have a better understanding and relate to the moral. Personalized books give kids a deeper connection to the text, and they become more self-referential. Essentially, the child not only identifies himself as the hero of the story, but also accepts and embraces the moral, recognizing and adopting the values the story advocates. 

Culture and language come to mind when we talk about globalization. Language is a key element to social identity. Social identity becomes even more important when it is intertwined with religion, as is the case with the relationship between Arabic and Islam. Today, the Arabic language faces a lot of challenges, whether it’s the spread of western culture, the lack of pride in anything that’s Arabic because of the unfortunate situation in the region, the abundance of dialects and the absence of standard Arabic in homes, the poor Arabic content on the internet, the unprecedented levels of illiteracy in the Arab world, or the outdated way schools teach Arabic. All these factors weaken the relationship between today’s youth and the Arabic language. When you give a child an Arabic personalized book, you’re giving him a chance to make amends. Not only does it strengthen his relationship with the adult who gave him the book, but it also helps him learn the language. 

Why an Arabic personalized book written and designed by Kitabyana?

Simply because Kitabyana knows, understands and shares your values, struggles and educational goals.