Children love reading stories about heroes like them. That’s how the idea came about! Reading these stories can help kids discover their potential and learn more about themselves. They can also learn to overcome their fears. They’ll gain confidence and become more self-aware.

What if the child is the hero of the story? Wouldn’t it be awesome if he or she was this hero?

Enjoy quality time with your child by reading our stories. It’s a great way to instill our culture and values.

Designed especially for young readers, our books feature characters who look just like them.

With this gift, you can spend special moments with your child. It’ll inspire your child to love books, giving him or her a passion for reading and for the Arabic language in particular.

Memories may be the most valuable gift a human being can give. That’s what Kitabyana is all about. Through our special stories, we want to create lasting memories for our young readers and the adults in their life.

Our stories are shaped by our cultural and social environments. In addition to creating inspiring content, we want to make a positive impact on children. A good book can promote many values, including self-confidence, creative leadership, perseverance, and pride in religious, social, and cultural identities.

With our help, our customers can find unique gifts for their special child. We believe that quality is not an added value but rather a necessity, which is why we strive tirelessly to meet the expectations of our customers.

Your child is unique, and we’re excited to help you see their wide smile as they read their name and discover people just like them in our books.

Creating a sense of belonging:

Designed by a team of professionals, our tailor-made books reflect the values of different Arab cultures.

Throughout the stories, events and occasions take place in environments that are familiar to an Arab child.

Reading Arabic with a passion:

It is our goal to make the child the hero of his or her own story, so that he or she will develop a love of reading and the Arabic language.

Children will embark on an exciting adventure as they discover the storyline, one that encourages them to think deeply, boosts their self-esteem, and stimulates their imagination.

Kitabyana Team

kitabyana Team (2)

Amal Al Sadek

Founder and CEO

Iman Al midani

Co-Founder and CTO
kitabyana Team (7)

Samer Qenawy

Chief Editor
kitabyana Team (5)

Juman Ghazal

Senior Illustrator
kitabyana Team (9)

Heba Mustafa

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Noha Muhammad

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Farah Almidani

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Rim Kareme

kitabyana Team (8)

Mona Kamal

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Esra Alaa’